Why Do Cat's Stop Using Litter Boxes

A cat that stops using a litter box can be caused by many different things. It is the most common complaint of all cat owners, but is also the one way a cat complains about a problem he or she is having. It is important to pay attention to your cat's needs as they are just as much a part of the family as other pets.

Here is a list of possible reasons why your cat has stopped using the litter box:

  • medical ailment
  • sanitation problem
  • wrong litter or litter box
  • inappropriate location of the litter box
  • too many cats and not enough territory or litter boxes
  • location of the litter box is too busy or not private enough for the cat
  • stressed by a change in routine or environment, such as a new baby, new furniture, work schedule changes, vacations, overnight guests, or a move

Hopefully these hints will help resolve the situation.

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